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Posted on 2010.10.03 at 00:46
current mood: hopefulhopeful
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Finally.. it is done... I have applied to CSUs!

In the unlikely event I don't get accepted into even one, I will get on a plane back to Guam and live in the boonies! I will be a cat jungle lady.

...And I will not think I jinxed my chances by typing that last part. Why people are so superstitious and believe a bad thing will happen if you say it... but not the other way around, when you say something good like, "I'm gonna get 1 million from this lottery ticket!"

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Posted on 2010.03.16 at 16:24
current mood: disappointeddisappointed
current music: Beast - Bad Girl
Beast changed their hair styles! Dong Woon, Yo Seob, Jun Hyung had such great hair I drooled over, now they're terrible! And my least favorite hair from Doo Joon sand Hyun Seung have been replaced with sexy hair. Funny, or am I just sad about the losss of the those three's sexy hair and happy about the loss of those two's ugly hair that it seems 180*... Gi Kwang's hair was simple but cute before and should not be messed with. I am most heartbroken by Yo Seob. Good-bye, platinum blond hair with cute styles T_T

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Posted on 2010.03.05 at 01:33
current mood: melancholymelancholy
current music: B2st - Bad Girl
A shed a tear reading Naruto ch 485. After I rolled my eyes at Naruto's speech. Sasuke's so long gone I don't think a speech about how much you love him his going to change his mind about killing you, sweetie. Didn't Kishimoto say their relationship is like how irl he admired this cool guy...

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Posted on 2009.12.29 at 19:00
current mood: happyhappy
No, that manga series is definitely not going to the shitter. Just look at how gay Naruto is for Sasuke! He gets panic attacks over the thought that he'll never reunite with his bf! It's like Kishimoto has seen the progress of tolerance towards homosexuality irl. Thumbs up for the gay agenda!

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Posted on 2009.12.26 at 13:04
current mood: cynicalcynical
What sucks about Christmas is getting presents you don't even want or need. I feel guilty for the money spent. There was research done about how receivers don't value the gifts they've gotten. I'll need to try all 300+ recipes out of The Golden Baking Book even though I swore off baking long ago. I am putting the wool socks to good use, though. Loathe Starbucks giftcards.

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oh ho ho

Posted on 2009.12.25 at 14:04
current mood: amusedamused
Mirai Nikki taking some cues from Evangelion... Akise's love for Yukiteru is like Kaworu's for Shinji. Thumbs up for gay angels!

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Posted on 2009.12.10 at 01:31
current mood: workingworking
Takarai Rihito's Seven Days

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Posted on 2009.12.08 at 12:12
current mood: giddygiddy
Metalocalypse 1 & 2 for $26.98

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20 bucks can buy anything

Posted on 2009.11.28 at 02:47
current mood: aggravatedaggravated
Very unfortunate that I bought Bunny Suicides and not Metalocalypse Season 1.

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Posted on 2009.11.19 at 21:11
current mood: cynicalcynical
If anyone in Japan is going to Comic Market 77, I desperately want Pokemon doujinshi by Shigesatonoheya 娃田ひばり

12/29(火) コミックマーケット77 (東京ビックサイト) 東ホール リ-31a

1. 「S[es].3」
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